The Story of the Green & Gold

Charbel seeks to answer the question - how did a bunch of railway workers form a club that would eventually go on to be among the most famous in football? Relying on extensive research, he brings to life a late Victorian era when football became the national pastime.


About the book

Heath's demise, as a result of insurmountable debt, has echoes in the modern day 'Green and Gold' campaign. As the author discovers, the salutory lessons of a century ago are just as relevant today.

" I have always been fascinated with Newton Heath, perhaps more than most authors who understandably tend to concentrate on the glorious eras in the club's history. For me, though, the 'Heathens' deserved their tale told in detail, for only when you see how normal, how poverty-stricken, how fragile that side was, you truly appreciate the current greatness of Manchester United.

I spent 2 months in the central library in Manchester delving through newspaper microfilms to find out all there is to know about them.

.The book was published in 2010 and, whenever you feel the desire to relive United's humble beginnings in details, from the early kick-abouts of railroad workers to Harry Stafford and his dog Major saving the club, it should be the perfect read."

Published in 2010. Paperback

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